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Integrity Max UPS Series

The Integrity Max series maintains a sleek and streamlined design that provides constant, uninterrupted power for sophisticated computer loads in medical, diagnostic, and I.T. settings. Ensuring your business- and life-critical electronic systems are fully protected with our industry-leading power quality technology.


2-10 kVA Model

Built to handle large, complex computer systems in clinical diagnostic settings, the Integrity Max series can help organizations prevent oversizing and save money as well as provide stable, uninterrupted power for various electronic equipment and machinery.

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Front View - Integrity Integrity Max UPS System

R/T Model

The Integrity Max R/T UPS (rack/tower) delivers clean-conditioned power due to its low impedance isolation transformer built into the UPS providing protection to your equipment from electrical disturbances. A backup power system is also integrated to ensure your equipment is always online, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that everything will always run uninterrupted.

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Front View - NXT Power Integrity Max UPS System