Integrity Pro® UPS Series International Medical Product Line

Delivering Precise And Efficient Power Globally

Our International Integrity Pro® Medical UPS is designed from the ground up to incorporate itself flawlessly and safely into various patient environments providing uninterrupted power for your medical devices globally. 


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Integrity Pro® UPS Series International Medical Product Line International Specs

Model # Input Voltage AC~ Output Voltage AC~ Maximum Load Rating (AMPS) Maximum Power (VA) Frequency (HZ) Case Size (CM) Ship Weight (KG)
NPTU1500-LM-i 230 230 6.26 1500 50/60 25.4 x 22.0 x 52.5 43

Provide Uninterruptible, Reliable Power for your Medical Devices

Its sleek design is specifically envisioned for desktop medical devices used within the patient’s or medical staff’s vicinity. Engineered with a low impedance isolation transformer, surge diverter, and noise filter within the UPS design to deliver fully conditioned power to prevent electrical noise, spikes, and transients before they can damage or degrade your equipment. Each unit meets the safety requirements of IEC60601.1  (<500 microamps of leakage) to ensure that patients and medical staff are safe.

  • Low-impedance isolation transformer and line-interactive operation
  • Help your medical-based customers protect their electronic systems and ensure uptime
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected from problems due to common-mode voltage, power outages, spikes, and transients
  • Meets the safety requirements of IEC60601.1  (<500 micro amps of leakage)
  • Includes NXT Power Full 3-Year Warranty
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Industries & Applications

The International Integrity Pro® Medical UPS is most often used for microprocessor-based medical equipment, patient monitors, mobile nurse stations, imagining equipment, diagnostic equipment, and instrumentation used around the world. 

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