Integrity Three-Phase 10/15/20/25/30 kVA Model

Experience Unparalleled Power Protection.

Designed for all applications and industries worldwide, this advanced power conditioner provides clean, noise-free power and world-wide voltage matching and conditioning for three-phase electronic systems.

Coming 2021.

All-in-One Voltage Distribution & Conditioning

The Three-Phase Conditioner combines a low impedance isolation transformer with a surge diverter and power line filter to eliminate noise, spikes, and transients before they have a chance to damage or destroy equipment.

Low output impedance and next-level load regulation, plus inrush current capability, can eliminate oversizing and save on operating costs in the long run. Includes EPO, lockout/tagout breaker, and casters standard on all models.

Coming 2021.

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Industries & Applications

The Integrity Three-Phase is built to power semi-conductor tools, x-ray systems, printing applications, and industrial equipment with clean and stable power. For use in a wide variety of industries.

Get Next-Generation Power Quality for Your Business

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